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Security Systems Engineer TECHNICA SYSTEMS LIMITED United Kingdom, EN, HA, TW
Electrical Qualified Supervisor Mr Electric - Hammersmith & Richmond United Kingdom, EN, HA, TW
Fire Alarm, Emergency Lighting and Extinguisher Engineer Lightning Fire Safety Systems Limited United Kingdom, GU, RG, SL, SN, TD

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  • Are Engineers are thin on the ground?
    Well in short ... yes! Not only thin on the ground but VERY much in demand! It is quite hard to attract the engineers that you require and when you do, it feels like they fail to turn up for an interview or they take ages accepting your offers (if you get to that stage). The reason being is, there are so many companies looking for fire alarm engineers, multi discipline engineers who are able to work on Access Control, CCTV, Emergency Lighting & Door Entry systems. So if you've made a job offer and struggling to get an acceptance or you have had no shows at interviews then .. dont take it personally, the chance are someone is offering something more attractive either salarywise or location / area wise.   

    Of course there are areas of the country which is harder to find skill than others but generally there is in fact a skills shortage. For the companies that are able to compete against each other on basic salaries ... its getting crazy, especially in London! The days of £26k to £28k in london for an alarm engineer are gone (for someone with decent experience). The big boys are bidding between £30k & £35k on basic salaries now for the M25 areas although it is still possible to recruit someone for between £28k & £30k with average experience.

    If you're on the hunt....anywhere in the UK ....Pinks have recently taken extra steps to ensure that your Fire & Security adverts are receiving applications and being seen.
    • We email all our guys that are registered with us which is over 19000 people,
    • We send text messages,
    • We make calls to people who are ideal but not responding, just to make sure they have seen your ads and ...
    • We distibute your ads all over the internet to hundreds of 3rd parts jobsites including a lot of the mainstream ones.
    • If thats not enough, we automatically repost the ad after 28 days for free if you havent filled it.

    For more info call our ads team on 01603 660213